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What Women (and Men) Want in Banking

According to a poll by poll TD Bank, different genders have different needs when it comes to banking.

The poll, conducted Aug. 2-8 of 1,231 people, found that men typically prefer to do their banking online and need ATM locations that are convenient to them. Women on the other hand, prefer to bank that offers them better branch hours and has branch locations convenient to them.

Other findings of the poll were:

  • People wanted a bank that offered individuals easy online banking and access to branch locations and ATMs.
  • Accessibility and variety were important features.
  • One single bank account option is not the best fit for everyone. Bank patrons like to see different options with their bank accounts.
  • Customers are more likely to go to a branch during the week and would prefer friendly
  • When it comes to face-to-face banking, customer service rules. Customers would rather have helpful customer service than a bank waived fees or that did not have fees at all.