Understanding Loans and Credit At Every Stage of Life

While independent wealth may be something we all want, it is rarely a reality. The financial product market exists to provide loans that make major or minor purchases possible. But while these products are designed to help you manage your finances now, like any serious monetary choice, there are ramifications you simply need to know. Here at Credit Score, we emphasize the importance of not only understanding your financial standing, which is exactly what your score is for, but learning from your mistakes, adjusting for the long term and ultimately ending up with a rock solid credit score – we approached loans with the same mindset.

While we suggest starting with the basics in Part I, feel free to navigate to a part of your choosing:

Part I: The Basics Behind Loans and Credit Scores

Part II: Loans and Credit During the College Years

Part III: Budgeting and Taking Out Loans as a Young Adult

Part IV: Loans and Credit Options for New Families

Part V: Financial Management in the Retirement Years

Part VI: Financial Preparedness Checklists

Part VII: Additional Financial Education Resources

Not only do loan decisions determine much of your credit score, your loans are the most immediate way of knowing whether or not you are making financial sense. With our help, you will feel ready to weigh appropriate options and then make prudent financial choices that leave you with stronger credit and stress free payment plans.