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The 20 best places to find credit card advice online

Written By: Stella Walker

A credit card can be an extremely useful thing to have in your wallet. You never know when you might need to use one; and If you know how, it can even pay to use credit cards for purchases. But while credit cards have their uses, if you’re not careful, they can also be destructive to your financial future. So whether or you use a credit card for emergencies only, rewards/cash back, or simply to build a credit history, arming yourself with the understanding of how they work is the first step to making the most of your credit card use.

There’s a lot of information to digest when it comes to credit cards. To make matters worse, the internet is full of misinformation and articles that are more confusing than helpful. So in order to get you on the path to mastering credit cards to your benefit, we’ve put together our 20 favorite links for credit card advice:

Choosing the best credit card

The best credit card EVER
– This article covers what to look for when choosing the best credit card for the different types of credit card users. One of the best and aptly organized articles on the subject.

Advice from the Federal Reserve – a government site dedicated to helping consumers find the right credit cards for them. Also contains fantastic information on consumer rights, protections, and their limitations as it applies to credit cards.

Choosing the right credit card –  7 other things to consider when choosing a credit card. This is superb advice some of which most similar articles fail to mention…

The different types of credit cards – This article compares the different types of credit cards and what the benefits and pitfalls to each might be.

How to choose the right credit card – A simple step-by-step process to narrowing down the best type of card for you, and how to find them.

Basic tips

Experts share their best credit card advice
– Four experts weigh in to give their single most important piece of advice for having and using credit cards.

Credit card advice from consumer reports – this is an older article but is still relevant today. It includes a great tip on negotiating with your credit card company (for better rates etc.) as well as advice on the best situations to use a credit card.

Basic credit card advice – Three simple but sound pieces of advice for all credit card users that are easy to understand, even if they’re not always easy to follow.

6 essential credit card tips – Six easy to follow rules that all credit card users should obey. If you can’t follow these rules, then you probably aren’t ready for a credit card.

Credit card basics: What is an APR – A simple explanation of APR and what it means to the credit card user.  Skip this if it seems too basic, but it’s the single most important concept to understand about credit cards.

Avoiding pitfalls

Beware the 5 major pitfalls of credit cards
– A great overview of the most important and common ways credit cards can quickly become your worst enemy.

Why you should deal with your debt now – a scary and sobering article on the very real math of not paying off your credit card bills.

The dangers of using a credit card – Here’s another look at the math of why leaving a balance on your credit card can quickly become a financial nightmare.

Credit card fraud – A fantastic article on credit card fraud as an epidemic, how widespread it is, and tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

40 articles on the pitfalls of credit cards – 40 more articles on the potential pitfalls of having and using a credit card.  Because this information couldn’t be important enough…

Credit card Blogs, News, and Advice columns:

Credit card news –
– Credit card news, advice, and tools – A great place to keep up-to-date on the news and trends for using consumer credit cards.

Credit Card Advice – – The title says it all. One of the best sources for credit card advice on the internet.  Period.

Credit Card Guide Blog – – Not only is this a great site to compare credit cards, this blog has some great contemporary advice for credit card holders. Include this into your RSS feed.

Credit Card Advice Blog – – another superb blog that has all kinds of advice from ways to manage your CC spending to avoiding the newest credit card scams.

Credit Card Assist Blog – – Wonderful blog with the latest news, advice, and trends in the credit card world.  Another must read.