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Make Paying Off Debt Faster and Easier With

Written by Jeffrey Trull

Dealing with debt is a pain. Between managing debt for student loans, home mortgages, auto loans, and multiple credit cards, paying everything down can be a daunting task. Managing all your debt-related accounts on your own means:

  1. Logging into multiple websites to make payments
  2. Attempting to calculate the impact of extra payments, including savings on interest
  3. Facing stress from starting at huge balances

While there’s no magic bullet for making all your debt disappear, the next best thing for getting rid of debt: ReadyForZero.

What is ReadyForZero?

ReadyForZero is a web-based tool that helps you pay off your debt faster and easier. You’ll be able to view balances on all your accounts in one place, come up with a debt payoff plan, and even make payments, all from one website.

ReadyForZero is free to use for the basic features. They’ve just introduced “ReadyForZero Plus,” with added features that allow you to send payments directly from ReadyForZero’s site for $4.99 per month.

ReadyForZero has helped users pay off more than $25 million in debt already, with frequent users paying off an average of $1,500 in debt in the first 18 weeks.

Why ReadyForZero?

ReadyForZero works like many of the other web-based financial tools, but there’s one key difference: it’s focus is solely on helping you pay off your debt. If you’re looking to create a budget or track your spending, you’ll have to look elsewhere. ReadyForZero is purposely simple so you can focus on paying down debt without distraction.

Co-Founder and CEO Rod Ebrahimi says that ReadyForZero was designed to “avoid the big, scary numbers” that intimidate and frustrate those trying to pay down their debt. Instead, users are shown daily interest amounts and other metrics that force them to look at their debt on a smaller scale.

ReadyForZero focuses on making progress visual, too. Instead of trying to decode spreadsheets of numbers, you’ll find color-coded progress bars and digital trophies rewards.

Key features

Here are some of the key features of ReadyForZero’s debt payoff system.

Pull in your accounts

An essential feature of any financial web app is being able to easily connect your accounts to allow for automatic updates with the most current balances.

ReadyForZero handles this much in the same way Mint and other services do. In just minutes, you can securely add just about any account that allows you to log in online including credit card, student loan, auto loan, home mortgage, and other accounts. Once you do this, all your account information will be available from your ReadyForZero dashboard every time you log in.

Easily craft a debt payoff plan

Once you link your debt accounts, ReadyForZero will ask you to pick a total monthly payment you can afford to make towards all debt accounts, or to select a date you’d like to have all your debt paid off (which can be exciting to think about!)

Sticking with the theme of simplicity, this step is as easy as sliding bars back and forth to see the impact on how much interest you’ll pay and how changing the payment amount changes the target date.

Once completed, there’s no need to contemplate which debt payoff strategy works best. ReadyForZero will tell you exactly what payments to make each month to save the most on interest.

Track Progress

ReadyForZero doesn’t just tell you what to pay, it gets you excited about the progress you’re making on your path to becoming debt-free. You’ll see how well you’ve done on the “Progress” page (shown below) as well as receive notifications by email once you’ve hit certain milestones.

For debts you’re still paying down, you’ll be able to see when you’ll be able to celebrate having those paid off, too.

iPhone App

Like many web apps, ReadyForZero offers a free mobile app to track your progress on-the-go.

You’ll get a handy snapshot of much of what’s highlighted on the ReadyForZero website, like current balances, recent payments made, and new milestones reached. Many of the functions on the ReadyForZero website are available on the iPhone app so you can check balances while waiting in line at the store or sitting on the bus.

NEW! Pay debt directly using ReadyForZero Plus

You might be saying “Okay, all these features are great, but do I have still have to log into each individual account to pay all these bills?” The answer is no, you don’t have to any longer with “ReadyForZero Plus.”

ReadyForZero Plus allows you make payments directly from your account simply by linking a checking account. When scheduling payments, you’ll see how much you’ll save on interest by making that payment.

Not only will ReadyForZero allow you to make payments, but this new feature includes email alerts that suggest making extra payments to help you reach your goals faster. Ebrahimi explains that ReadyForZero “will detect a new checking deposit and tell you exactly how much interest and time you will save by making an extra payment to one of your debts, before you spend it elsewhere.”

When you get a deposit into your bank account, you’ll get an email from ReadyForZero like the one below highlighting the interest you’ll save if you make a payment towards your debt on the spot. With just one click, you’re on the ReadyForZero site where you can make your payment.

ReadyForZero Plus costs $4.99 a month after a free one-month trial, and you may find the added convenience and potential to save on interest and fees covers the cost of the small monthly expense.

To learn more about ReadyForZero or to make a free plan to get out of debt, visit