Kids Learn About Credit

It is essential to educate children about finances. As they become older, they will increasingly find themselves in situations where they have to deal with prices, debts, credits, and other money-related concepts. If they get an early education about credits and debts, they will know how to manage and invest their money wisely when they become adults. Parents and teachers can find lots of materials on the Internet that can be used to teach kids about finances, and here is a list of them:

Lesson Plans

  • Credit Card Confidential: In this lesson, students are required to compare credit card offers from a few different companies.
  • How Credit Cards Work: Kids can learn about the pros and cons of using credit cards through this lesson.
  • Financial Literacy Lessons: This website has a number of excellent lessons on financial literacy, including credit lesson plans.
  • Cash vs Credit: A lesson that requires students to compare cash and credit cards.
  • Credit Concepts: Lessons on various credit concepts for pre-K to 3 children.
  • Financial Capability: These lessons show students basic money concepts such as banking, credit, loans, and others.
  • Go Figure: A lesson plan that is designed to teach teenagers about the importance of trust in credit and money markets.

Worksheets, Activities, and Quizzes

  • Money Worksheets: Teachers can use these worksheets to teach their students about budgeting, banking, and credit.
  • Finance Classroom Activities: Classroom activities that will improve children’s understanding of many different aspects of finance, including credit.
  • Banking Trivia: Interesting questions that test children’s knowledge of banking.
  • Money Island: An interesting game that promotes kids’ understanding of money.
  • Fun Money Games: Kids can learn how to count money, shop, and get out of debt by playing these fun games.
  • Break the Bank: Answer money-related questions to break the piggy bank.


  • Planet Orange: A website that is dedicated to teaching children about budgeting, saving, and investing.
  • Kids and Money: List of government sites with materials for teaching kids about money.
  • Country Bank for Kids: This website has lots of information and activities that can help children learn about banking.
  • Banking Videos: Collection of videos that show the basics of money and banking.
  • Money and Taxes: Links to websites that provide money lessons and tips for children and teenagers.