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I haven’t started shopping yet… (a Christmas poem)

I haven't started shopping yet...

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I haven’t started shopping yet,
But don’t you worry, I did not forget.
Three days to go, not a present bought,
My plan is sound, know this you ought.

I have a list for family and friends,
I have a budget of which has ends.
I did some research which was nice,
To help me find the very best price.

I know exactly where to shop,
If an item is out I need not stop.
I know when stores will be less busy,
But waiting doesn’t make me dizzy.

It doesn’t make me a bad person,
Opinions of me should not worsen.
The reason I do it this way?
Christmas shopping: done in one day!

Good luck to all my fellow last minute shoppers out there…
And a Merry Christmas to all!

* Ornament image credit goes to user paparutzi (as per the Creative Commons License)
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