Extra Credit – A Free Guide to Economic Resources

The resources provided offer economic students and prospective students with information regarding economics. There are ideas and research papers developed by economists and educators that investigate economic issues. You will find facts and theories that address current economic issues.

Use the statistics and economic indicator resources to forge an understanding of economic forecasting. These resources can also work as good study guides, study material for research papers, or to supplement class materials.

1.    History of Economic Thought: A comprehensive guide to the history of economic thought. Provides a collection of resources containing information on economics in ancient times up through modern times.

2.    Economics Journals: A collection of economic journals throughout history , including a brief descriptions of the journals and reasons that journals came and went.

3.    International Economic Journal: This journal publishes research papers on development and internal economics.

4.    Empirical Economics: Read current papers of the online journal Empirical Economics.

5.    American Journal of Economics and Sociology: Publishes papers that investigate different theories and approaches to economics found in sociology.

6.    U.S. Economic Accounts: A collection of the United States economic accounts. There are reports, interactive tables and charts describing the status of the accounts.

7.      Economy at a Glance: Monthly data statistics of the United States economy. Covers the unemployment rate, change in payroll, hourly earnings, productivity, and the consumer and producer price index.

8.    Microeconomics: A resource for students to practice identifying problems in microeconomics and view interactive lectures.

9.    Economic Development: Explains what economics is and describes the basics of economic theory.

10. Competing Theories: Extensively covers economic development theories over the years.

11. Base Theory: Defines the three basic principles of the economy base theory.

12. Growth Theory: Explains what the growth theory of economics is and provides a glossary of terms related to economics.

13. Economic Base Theory: This paper shows the importance of forecasting the local economy and the base technique for doing so.

14. Modern Economic Theory and Development: Karla Hof and Joseph Stiglitz investigate the affect a countries development has on its economy.

15. Economic Development Theories: This paper explores the role of development in the development theory throughout history.

16. Economic Theory of Grade Inflation: An assessment of grade inflation and the negatives of this theory on universities, corporations and students.

17. Theories of Productive and Unproductive Labor: This paper examines the concept of productive and unproductive labor as defined by Adam Smith.

18. Theories of Bargaining: A brief summary of the theoretic bargaining model.

19. Economics and Economic Justice: An in-depth resource covering many economic theories such as, inequality and poverty measurement, welfare, social choice, and fair allocation.

20. Economics Without Ethics: Bishan Singh explores the absence of ethics in economics.

21. Positive vs. Normative Economics: Ralp Byrn addresses the pros and cons of positive and normative economics.

22. The Economics and Ethics of Food: John Ikerd investigates the lack of ethics in the economy of the food industry.

23. Economic Indicators: Up to date economic indicators from the Bureau of Economic analysis.

24. Economic Outlook: View economic news analyzing trends that effect and shape economic outlooks worldwide.

25. The U.S. Economic Outlook: A lecture on the economic outlook of the United States by the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

26. Global Outlook: Get an inside look at the transcript of the 2010 World Economic Forum. The speakers focus on the issues of recovery of several countries.

27. Monthly Outlook: Wells Fargo provides monthly forecasts tables on domestic and international economic projections.

28. Employment Projections: A compilation of employment forecasts by sector and occupation.

29.  Economic History: A collection of resources covering economic history in the United States.

30. Department of Economic History: The largest department of teachers and researchers in economics. There are resources dating back to the medieval period.

31. Business and Economic History: Archived collection of the proceedings of the Business History conference from 1962- 1999.

32. The International Economy: Students can use this past the international economy forecast to compare how close the forecast came.

33. International Economy: A brief look at common terms and ideas related to the international economy.

34. War and Economic History: Professor Joshua Goldstein explores the impact war has on economic history.

35. Economics of Food Markets: Analysis reports on the economics in the food industry by the Economic Research Service of the USDA.

36. Issues in Economics and Finance: A collection of current economic papers dating back to 1995.

37. Core Issues: An economic paper exploring the issues of resources in economics.

38. Federal economic indicators: A collection of federal agencies economic statistics.

39. Economic Research: The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System economic research papers on interactive graphics data, reserve bulletins and other statistical data.

40. Economics: A collection of economic theory papers by Masons international economic faculty.

41. International Economic Development Council: Current international economic news.

42. American Economic Association: This organization is made up of more than halve of students and educators. The organization publishes for journals and maintains a resourceful website for economic students.

43. National Economic Association: A collection of research papers aimed at professional economists and economic students.

44. International Economic Association: The International Economic Association publishes papers on current international economic issues.

45. Urban Economics Association: The association is dedicated to producing research academic papers on urban economics.