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Google Wallet App Allows More Cardholders to Pay By Phone

Forgot your wallet? There’s an app for that. As if paying with plastic wasn’t easy and convenient enough, now you don’t even have to carry your card to make purchases.

Google has not only created the Google Wallet app to use in lieu of a credit card, but has also expanded its availability to more credit card holders and phone users, the New York Times reported.

The app could previously only be used by Citibank cardholders who owned certain Sprint mobile phone models, but now, anyone who has used their credit card to make purchases in Google Play or Google Checkout can use their phone to make pay for goods and services.

Google claims that credit account information will be safer because it will be stored in a cloud instead of in a chip inside the phone. Availability of the app was previously limited because Google had to negotiate with banks and mobile carriers to keep the financial information safe on the chip. Consumers can easily disable the Google Wallet app from any computer should the phone be stolen.

Google says consumers will be able to use the app at about 200,000 stores including Whole Foods Market, McDonald’s and Walgreen. Users can also earn rewards and coupons at more than 25 retailers like Macy’s and Jamba Juice.