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Free Personal Financial Planning Advice Available in October

If you have been procrastinating about your debt and your financial future because you don’t know where to start, can’t afford and don’t have time to get professional financial advice, you just ran out of excuses.

This month, residents of 24 U.S. cities will have the chance to visit with a certified financial planner for free between Oct. 6 and 27. The Financial Planning Days are a collaboration between four nonprofit organizations — the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, the Financial Planning Association, the Foundation for Financial Planning, and the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

For the third consecutive year, these sessions are offered on Saturdays so participants won’t have to juggle weekday schedules, and there is no obligation for participants to purchase further financial advice. Participants can choose from classroom-style or one-on-one sessions with volunteer Certified Financial Planners.

Dates and cities include:

  • Baltimore, Md.: Oct. 6
  • Chicago, Ill. Oct. 20
  • Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 6
  • Denver, Colo.: Oct. 13
  • Elizabeth, N.J.: Oct. 10
  • Indianapolis, Ind.:Oct. 27
  • Los Angeles: Oct. 13
  • Miami: Oct. 4
  • Newark, N.J.:Oct. 6
  • Oakland, Calif.:Oct. 6
  • Omaha, Neb.:Oct. 13
  • Orange Country, Calif.:Oct. 6
  • Philadelphia, Pa.: Oct. 9
  • Phoenix, Ariz.: Oct. 27
  • Portland, Ore.:Oct.6
  • Sacramento, Calif.:Oct. 13
  • San Antonio, Texas:Oct. 13San Diego, Calif.: Oct. 6
  • San Francisco, Calif.: Oct. 20
  • Seattle, Wash.: Oct. 13
  • Silicon Valley, Calif.: Oct. 13
  • Twin Cities, Minn.: Oct. 20
  • Virginia Beach, Va.:Oct. 27
  • Washington D.C.: Oct. 27