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6 Financial Apps for Improving Your Credit Score

Written by Jeffrey Trull

financial-apps-screenIf you’re a smartphone user, you may already know financial apps can help with budgeting and tracking your spending. But did you know there are apps that will help your credit score, too?

Your credit score is based on several factors, which makes for a variety of ways apps can help you improve your score.

Whether you need help paying bills on time or managing your debt, there’s an app for the job. Here are six of the best apps for improving your credit score.

1. Pageonce

Many financial apps help your credit score without addressing credit problems directly. One way to boost your score: avoiding late payments that can lead to major credit score damage. Users can turn to the Pageonce app to make sure bills are paid on time.

With Pageonce, you can get handy payment reminders right to your iPhone or Android device rather than relying on paper statements or memory to pay bills. If you need to make a payment right away to prevent paying late, you can do that right from your smartphone, too.

Don’t forget that monitoring your accounts for fraudulent charges is crucial for preventing damage to your credit score, too. The Pageonce app lets you keep an eye on all your accounts and transactions in one place, making unauthorized charges easier to spot.

The Pageonce app is available free for iPhone and Android.

2. ReadyForZero

The ReadyForZero app has one goal: help you pay debt faster. To do this, the app links with the ReadyForZero web version to provide you with your debt info on the go.

From the app, you can track how much you’ve paid off on each of your accounts. ReadyForZero keeps track of interest rates, too, and lets you know which accounts you should pay first. You’ll also be able to find out how much you pay in interest each day for each account that you have a balance, taking the mystery and the math out of interest rates.

The ReadyForZero app is free for iPhone users.

3. Equifax

The Equifax app, which comes from one of the three primary credit bureaus for calculating your FICO score, gives you access to some credit-related statistics.

With this app, you can find out the average credit score in your area and compare your score to those around you.

If identity fraud is a problem nearby, this app will let you know how bad it is. Maybe you’ll adjust your habits based on what you find.

If you subscribe to Equifax products, you can sign in and gain access to more features, too.

Equifax mobile versions are available free on both iPhone and Android.

4. Experian RestoreMyID

Looking to safeguard against identity theft? Or maybe you’ve already lost your wallet and you’re wondering what steps to take next. With the Experian RestoreMyID app, you’ll get tips for either scenario.

This app is a handy pocket guide if any of these situations pop up. Tips to prevent identity theft are arranged by topic. For example, in the credit category, there are some helpful tips for monitoring your credit and filing fraud alerts.

If you’ve lost a wallet or other personal information, this app takes you step-by-step on what to do next. The app recommends canceling or freezing missing cards as soon as possible and checking with your bank and other financial companies you work with.

RestoreMyID is available free for iPhone and Android devices.

5. Debt Manager

If you’re looking for a free-standing debt app that doesn’t need to be linked to a website, Debt Manager does it all.

The app’s sleek interface includes several visuals related to your debt. See how much your debt will cost you in interest over time or how fast your total balances will drop with each payment.

Debt Manager will let you know which accounts you pay first based on your selected strategy. Decide if you want the debt snowball method or if you’d rather target the highest interest rates first.

Debt Manager will let you test out all sorts of different scenarios and will report the key savings in time and money. For example, you can see how changing monthly payments or adding extra payments affects the amount of debt. You can also see your payoff date for debt, which can help motivate you to make payments faster to reach your date quicker.

Debt manager currently costs 99 cents in the iTunes App Store.

6. Lemon Wallet

Having an e-wallet can be handy in general, but there’s a credit-protecting feature that may be overlooked. With Lemon Wallet, you’ll have a digital copy of your cards stored in case your real wallet is lost or stolen. This can be a big help when you’re looking to report cards as stolen and need to bring up phone and account numbers to get the job done.

You’ll also have a digital copy of anything else you keep your wallet, like rewards cards, insurance information, or member cards. While losing your wallet is a pain, having access to a digital version can make the experience less agonizing. Use some accounts in the meantime or replace anything that’s missing without having to remember what was actually in your wallet.

Lemon Wallet is free for iPhone and Android.