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Experian Report Analyzes Credit Scores Across the Nation

Experian’s third annual State of Credit Report revealed a number of indicators that the economy is gradually recovering. Positive indicators include increases in Americans’ average incomes and credit scores, and a decrease debt and foreclosures.

The report, which breaks down the nation’s cities with the best, worst, and most improved credit scores, offers a hope for some of the cities and regions hardest hit by the recession. Midwesterners can continue to boast the highest credit scores in the country.

The national average consumer credit score, 750, has increased for the second consecutive year. Credit scores in the South traditionally lag behind the rest of the nation, but they are showing improvement. Cities that previously sat at the bottom of the credit score rankings such as Las Vegas, Bakersfield, Calif. and Tyler, Texas all moved out of the bottom 10 and are gradually moving up the scale.

“While many of these indicators point toward a renewed focus by Americans on wise credit habits, there are also signs that consumers still have room for improvement,” Maxine Sweet, vice president of public education for Experian, said in a press release. “In uncertain economic times, credit and debt management is often viewed as an indicator of Americans’ overall financial well-being. As our nation and individual consumers struggle to emerge from recession, establishing and maintaining good credit has never been more important.”

The cities with the best credit scores include:

  1. Minneapolis, MN, 787
  2. Madison, WI, 786
  3. Wausau, WI, 785
  4. Sioux Falls, SD, 784
  5. Cedar Rapids, IA, 783
  6. San Francisco, CA, 783
  7. Green Bay, WI, 781
  8. La Crosse, WI, 779
  9. Boston, MA, 778
  10. Duluth, MN, 777

Cities with the worst credit scores:

  • Harlingen, TX, 688
  • Jackson, MS, 702
  • Corpus Christi, TX, 706
  • Shreveport, LA, 708
  • Monroe, LA, 709
  • Augusta, GA, 710
  • El Paso, TX, 710
  • Myrtle Beach, SC, 710
  • Memphis, TN, 711
  • Savannah, GA, 713
  • Cities with most improved credit scores:

    1. Bakersfield, CA, 717 (709 in 2011)
    2. Sioux Falls, SD, 784 (778 in 2011)
    3. Tyler, TX, 715 (710 in 2011)
    4. Wichita Falls, TX, 728 (722 in 2011)
    5. Fort Myers, FL, 756 (750 in 2011)
    6. Reno, NV, 746 (740 in 2011)
    7. Dallas, TX, 727 (722 in 2011)
    8. Las Vegas, NV, 714 (709 in 2011)
    9. Greenville, NC, 734 (730 in 2011)
    10. Phoenix, AZ, 737 (733 in 2011)