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Don’t Lose a Job Opportunity to an Inaccurate Background Check

In today’s competitive job market, employers cannot afford to hire the wrong candidate, and the last thing job seekers need to worry about is an inaccurate background check. Unfortunately, that is exactly what some unlucky job applicants experienced when their prospective employer used HireRight Solutions, Inc. to conduct a background check.

Background checks are not only used by employers, credit reporting companies also provide the information to insurance, credit card, real estate and property rental companies.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the employment screening company has been ordered t o pay a $2.6 fine for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act, failing to give consumers copies of their reports and reinvestigate consumer disputes. In doing so, HireRight provided inaccurate data to employers erroneously listing criminal convictions.

The FTC also alleges that HireRight allowed the same criminal offense information from being included in a consumer report multiple times and even reported the records of the wrong person. These oversights caused numerous employers to not hire otherwise innocent job seekers based on inaccurate background checks.

Consumers have the right to access and dispute inaccuracies in their background check, and consumer reporting agencies are required to respond within 30 days of a request, investigate to verify any disputes in the records. HireRight did not comply with these requirements, delayed response and made it more difficult for consumers to gain access or make disputes.

According to the FTC, employers are required to get permission to run a background check on a job candidate. If a candidate is rejected based on the contents of a background report, the employer is required to notify applicants and show a copy of the report. Applicants may request their own free copy within 60 days.