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Discount Dating: Would You Use A Coupon on the First Date?

On the first date, first impressions are everything. So, what happens when your date busts out a coupon? Some may think being thrifty on a first date is a faux pas, while others appreciate frugality. Either way, there is no reason to go into debt for a date.

Discount dating is more common that you might think. According to a survey of 2,346 adults, 26% have used a coupon on the first date, compared to 18% of respondents last year who said frugality isn’t a turnoff. The shift in attitudes can be attributed to the current economic climate, as 49% of the survey respondents said financial uncertainty influenced them to use a coupon on a first date.

“The economic challenges of the past few years have made many people more comfortable with frugality, so much so that it’s part of the dating scene now,” said Jackie Warrick , President and Chief Savings Officer at “Not only does using a coupon benefit your budget, it also shows your date you are mindful of your finances and a savvy person overall, both of which are positives when you’re meeting someone for the first time.”

Other survey findings include:

  • 26% would have a positive reaction to paying for a date with a coupon
  • 73% would go out on another date with a coupon user
  • 12% would stay on the date, but not agree to a second date
  • 3% would tell their date they were offended
  • 1% would walk out of the date

Conventional wisdom would dictate that there is a time and a place to use a coupon on a date, but the survey indicated that 72% said coupon use is acceptable any time, 37% said it’s only OK when you are married, and 31% said coupons are best used when you are a student.

If you boldly flaunt your frugality on the first date, CouponCabin reminds budget conscious daters to be up front and let your date know that you plan to use the coupon and to tip servers and other service staff appropriately.