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Credit Resource: Wisebread

You can read just about anyone’s get-out-of-debt personal testimonial and money-saving tips out in the blogsphere, but few sites dedicated to frugality are nearly as comprehensive as WiseBread .

This community of bloggers delves deep into personal finance and helps consumers “live large on a small budget,” and remember that “ life is exactly what you make of it (and not how much you make)”

Some money-saving blogs take pinching pennies to the extreme. This blog teachers consumers how to enjoy frugal living without sacrificing the finer things in life. In other words, you won’t find any off-the-wall tutorials like how to stuff your pillows with dryer lint.

Readers also benefit from advice on shopping, career, families, managing credit, and all the stuff we didn’t learn in school. If you’re still looking for more advice, you’ll also find links to other top personal finance blogs.