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Credit Resource: Budgets Are Sexy

They say that sex sells, but it can also save you money, if this blog is to be believed. Budgets Are Sexy
is a tongue-in-cheek personal finance blog that was rated among Kiplinger’s top 10 and one of Business Insider’s Top 10 People You Should Follow On Twitter.

The blog is authored by “J. Money” a twenty-something, hip-hop music-loving, mohawk-wearing guy who learned how to maintain a budget so he could purchase his first home. J Money’s informal style might turn off life-long Wall Street Journal readers, but his goal is to infuse fun into financial news, because he claims, “This stuff isn’t just for old people, it’s for all people!”

In addition to industry news and personal finance tips, J Money chronicles his personal financial journey including when he got fired and planning for the arrival of his child. The site also features mortgage payoff, best products, budget templates and a series called “side hustles” where guests blog about how they make money on the side.