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Child Racks Up $3,300 in Credit Card Charges on Grandfather’s iPad

Parents and grandparents might think twice about syncing their credit card numbers to their smart phone or tablet app store.

It may seem harmless enough to allow your child or grandchild to download a free game app on your iPad, but a British grandfather learned a hard lesson that even free apps can bring costly credit card bills, reported The Daily Mail.

Will Smith, the six-year-old grandson of Barry Slatter accidentally amassed nearly $3,300 in credit card charges just by playing the popular online children’s game, Tiny Monster. To advance in the game, Smith bought virtual food and coins not realizing the charges would go to his grandfather’s credit card.

Slatter knew nothing of the charges until his card was declined at a local grocery store and his credit card fraud notification staff contacted him. Luckily, Apple has agreed to refund the charges to Slatter.

“I must have synched my credit card up with the App Store and Will has just been pressing buttons buying baskets of food and coins for his monsters,” Slatter told The Mirror. “I can’t believe how easy it is for kids to buy things. Will’s only six.”

If you do synch your credit card and your accounts with an app store, be sure to properly supervise anyone you lend your device to. This isn’t the first time an unsuspecting family member had been hit with charges of this nature.