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A Consumer Guide to Credit Score Repair

A credit score is a three-digit number that a number of entities use to form a judgment about you. This score reflects your ability to meet your financial obligations on time, and to do so consistently. Your credit score comes into play when you need to finance a large purchase such as a home orread more

Storm Relief Donations, Repairs Are Fodder for Scammers

Over the last few days, the nation has been glued to the news about Hurricane Sandy and “Frankenstorm” on the East Coast. And while your attention is diverted to the latest storm coverage, scam artists are thinking of ways to take your money or steal your identity. In the aftermath of the storm, the buzzardsread more

Credit Resource:

Shopping for a new credit card brings a dizzying array of credit card offers and decisions about APRs, fees, options, terms and bonuses. takes the guesswork and legwork out of finding the best credit card offer for you. The site keeps you updated with news on the latest credit card offers. Consumers can searchread more