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The Frugal Lifestyle: How to Balance Cheap and Spendy


Frugality is often misunderstood. Some lump it together with being “cheap,” as in leaving small tips or stealing packets of ketchup. Others take the term to the opposite extreme by “saving” money by choosing the $20,000 new car instead of the $30,000 model. While “frugal” is a subjective term, acting frugal falls perfectly in the middleread more

7 Ways to Avoid Living Beyond Your Means


A recent Business Insider article revealed a disturbing trend: Americans are spending more even though they’re earning less. The article details how personal income dropped by 3.6% in January, most likely due to the 2% payroll tax that went into affect. At the same time, spending increased by 0.2% the same month. What this really meansread more

5 Reasons to Check Your Statements Every Month


Many of us rush to pay credit card bills and get the task over with as fast as possible. We simply check the amount due, send in payment, and we’re done. Bank statements might not get a look at all, heading straight for the filing cabinet instead. While you might not realize it, checking yourread more

Rent-to-Own Stores: Why You Shouldn’t Pay 311% Interest

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Rent-to-own stores are a big business. According to Consumer Reports, this industry is worth about $7 billion in annual sales with 8,600 stores in the U.S. and Canada run by leaders in the industry like Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s. Customers often look to rent-to-own stores for furniture, appliances, and electronics they want or need now withoutread more