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The Frugal Lifestyle: How to Balance Cheap and Spendy


Frugality is often misunderstood. Some lump it together with being “cheap,” as in leaving small tips or stealing packets of ketchup. Others take the term to the opposite extreme by “saving” money by choosing the $20,000 new car instead of the $30,000 model. While “frugal” is a subjective term, acting frugal falls perfectly in the middleread more

Top 10 Money Mistakes to Only Make Once


Everyone makes mistakes with money, but sometimes the best lessons come from learning just how badly these errors hurt. In college I found myself in credit card debt and still haven’t forgotten how helpless I felt as I watched interest charges pile up. Since this experience, I’ve vowed to never let that happen again. Don’tread more

7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Finances

Spring cleaning doesn’t only mean tidying up around the house. Once taxes are out of the way, it’s a great time to take care of the other seasonal financial housekeeping. Here are a few areas due for money-related maintenance this time of year. Get organized for next tax season After you’re done getting rid ofread more

7 Ways to Avoid Living Beyond Your Means


A recent Business Insider article revealed a disturbing trend: Americans are spending more even though they’re earning less. The article details how personal income dropped by 3.6% in January, most likely due to the 2% payroll tax that went into affect. At the same time, spending increased by 0.2% the same month. What this really meansread more