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Employers Expected to Increase Pay Raises in 2012

As companies across the country face financial uncertainty, many employees count themselves lucky just to have a job, much less a expect a raise. But a recent Empsight International survey of 270 multi-national companies could give a glimmer of hope to workers resigned to earning the same salary for the foreseeable future. The survey forecastsread more

Relocate to Save Money: Index Rates Most Affordable Cities

Considering the mortgage crisis, unemployment rates and other financial troubles, Americans are looking for ways to make every cent count. Sometimes that means relocating the homestead budget-friendly locations. The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index (HOI) rated cities where Americans can get more bang for their housing buck. It’s no surprise thatread more

Poll: Job Creation Dominates Among Global Concerns

Even as the economy shows signs of recovery, employment worries continue to weigh heavily on the public conscience – among American voters and job-seekers around the world, two Gallup polls indicate. Job creation continues to be a priority among American voters’ choice in presidential candidate. Between the dates of July 19 and 22, Gallup polledread more