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Credit Score Glossary: Wage Assignment

Wage Assignment: A process that allows a creditor to take money directly from a debtor’s compensation. The borrower agrees to allow collection of a portion of his or her paycheck. Wage assignments are typically used for child support payments, court fines, when an employee wants to repay a loan from his or her employer, andread more

Weekly U.S. Jobless Claims Rise, Incomes Falls

Jobless claims grew by 15,000 for the week ending Sept. 8, the largest increase in two months. The new claims raised the number to 382,000, according to Department of Labor figures. The four week moving average increased by 3,250 to 375,000. While economists did predict a substantially lower amount of claims, 370,000, Tropical Storm Isaacread more

August Jobs Report Weaker than Expected

The August jobs report came in weaker than analysts expected. The Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that total non-farm employment only rose by 96,000 jobs in August, far less than the 125,000 economists predicted. The reduction in the unemployment rate was based on a decline of 250,000 people looking for work and a 368,000 reductionread more