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How to Manage Your Credit, Debt During Unemployment

Financial experts advise consumers to have three to six months of savings to cover emergency expenses, but that expectation is simply unrealistic for millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. So what happens when the paychecks stop coming? Regardless of the reason, be it layoffs, termination, or quitting, losing your job brings significant emotional andread more

Employers Hiring More Seasonal Workers, Pay More This Year

It takes more than Santa and his elves to make the holiday season come to fruition. Retailers across the country are hiring more seasonal help than last year, paying their workers more, and projecting to keep seasonal employees on the payrolls after the holidays, according to a CareerBuilder survey. A Harris Interactive poll of moreread more

Middle Income Americans Feeling Financial Pinch in September

Job loss and inability to pay medical bills are creating financial trouble for middle income Americans, according the Consumer Reports Index compiled by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. The Index, which interviewed 1,015 adults between Sept. 27-30, combines responses from four sub-indices that track consumer sentiment, financial trouble, stress, retail spending, and employment. Theread more

List Rates Most Overrated, Underrated Jobs on the Market

So, you picked a major and have your head and heart set on a career path with prestige and a respectable salary. You think you want to save lives, get behind the cockpit and fly the friendly skies, or plan the next event of the year. Not all dream jobs are what they’re cracked upread more