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7 Money Issues to Talk About Before Marriage

Secrets are never good for a relationship, especially when keeping something from the person with whom you’re supposed to share the most trust. Surprising your spouse with a troubled financial past after making the huge commitment of marriage can be a lot to handle. Make sure to talk about all the big questions with your partnerread more

Make Money A Teachable Moment For Kids

Parents know that just about any event in life can be turned into a teachable moment for kids. A natural disaster strikes – teach your kids about philanthropy and emergency preparedness; watch the presidential debates on television – teach your kids about the basics of democracy. Yet, for many parents, talking about money and familyread more

How to Manage Your Credit, Debt During Unemployment

Financial experts advise consumers to have three to six months of savings to cover emergency expenses, but that expectation is simply unrealistic for millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. So what happens when the paychecks stop coming? Regardless of the reason, be it layoffs, termination, or quitting, losing your job brings significant emotional andread more