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More Debt Than Savings? Here’s How To Flip It Around


Americans continue to struggle to pay down debt and save money. According to a Bankrate survey, 24% of Americans have more credit card debt than they do savings. Another 16% don’t have credit card debt but have no savings, either. Add these together and a total of 40% of Americans surveyed are at risk inread more

Credit Counseling: Personal Advice for Paying Off Debt


There’s a ton of advice available for paying off debt, but there’s one problem: it’s not personalized. What might work for someone else might not work best in your case. If you have questions about your plan and are looking for a one-on-one approach, there is a solution: credit counseling. Credit counselors will meet with you,read more

7 Tips for Paying Off Student Loans Faster


Paying the minimum on student loans often means being stuck in debt for a decade or longer. Federal student loans start with a 10-year term, which can be extended even longer with consolidation. Interest adds up when repaying student loans for this long, never mind the hassle of dealing with bills and sacrificing other financial goalsread more