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More Debt Than Savings? Here’s How To Flip It Around


Americans continue to struggle to pay down debt and save money. According to a Bankrate survey, 24% of Americans have more credit card debt than they do savings. Another 16% don’t have credit card debt but have no savings, either. Add these together and a total of 40% of Americans surveyed are at risk inread more

9 Situations When Credit Cards Make Life Easier


Many of us use credit cards simply because it’s more convenient than carrying and using cash, especially for large purchases or splitting the restaurant bill. Rewards provide an extra incentive for many cardholders, too. In some cases, credit cards go beyond basic convenience and become a near necessity with clear advantages over using cash. Hereread more

9 Hidden Credit Card Tricks Revealed


Credit cards are advertised with their benefits prominently displayed while fees, rates, and other catches are buried in the fine print. Some of the biggest credit card tricks aren’t found in the fine print at all. They’re really just clever marketing that can make an offer sound better than it really is. Here’s the lowdownread more

Overflowing Wallet? Switch to a Digital Wallet


If your wallet is bulging, disorganized, or often misplaced, there’s a new solution: digital wallets. Digital wallets are smartphone apps that replace some or all the functions of a regular wallet. They allow you to pay for in-store purchases without cash and make checking out with credit and debit faster and easier. Here’s why youread more

5 Problems with No-Interest Financing Offers


You’ve likely seen no-interest financing offers in stores or when shopping online. They’re common at places like Best Buy, which advertises these offers on its website. While they aren’t necessarily scams, they can be a bad deal for consumers. Most of these offers are actually financed by opening a new credit card account. Shoppers won’tread more