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Overflowing Wallet? Switch to a Digital Wallet


If your wallet is bulging, disorganized, or often misplaced, there’s a new solution: digital wallets. Digital wallets are smartphone apps that replace some or all the functions of a regular wallet. They allow you to pay for in-store purchases without cash and make checking out with credit and debit faster and easier. Here’s why youread more

6 Financial Apps for Improving Your Credit Score


If you’re a smartphone user, you may already know financial apps can help with budgeting and tracking your spending. But did you know there are apps that will help your credit score, too? Your credit score is based on several factors, which makes for a variety of ways apps can help you improve your more

Top 5 Personal Finance Apps

Consumers who commit to a budget and paying down debt can use all the help they can get. Free organizational tools could be as close as your pocket or purse. You paid enough for your smart phone, now let it save you money by taking advantage of free personal finance apps. Top 5 Money-Saving Apps:read more