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Make Money A Teachable Moment For Kids

Parents know that just about any event in life can be turned into a teachable moment for kids. A natural disaster strikes – teach your kids about philanthropy and emergency preparedness; watch the presidential debates on television – teach your kids about the basics of democracy. Yet, for many parents, talking about money and familyread more

Credit Score Glossary: Cash Advance

Cash Advance: Withdrawing cash from a credit card using an ATM or over the counter at a bank or other financial institution The interest rate associated with fees for cash advances is often significantly higher than regular credit card transactions, such as purchases or balance transfers. Typically, consumers are not allowed to get a cashread more

Credit Resource: Under 30 CEO

If Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg can become a billionaire by age 23, who says you can’t be the next big entrepreneur? There is enormous potential for ambitious entrepreneurs regardless of age, and Under 30 CEO is a resource for young, educated go-getters. This blog addresses the need for 20-somethings to take control of their financesread more

Credit Score Glossary: Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling: Personalized counseling services for borrowers who have gotten themselves into a lot of debt. Credit counseling is a part of debt management, and the process usually involves trying to establish a planned method of debt relief. Consumers may be required to pay fees for credit counseling services, but should be aware that someread more