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The Case for Brown Bagging: Packing a Lunch Could Save You $3,000 a Year

Depending on where you work, chances are you may have a pretty good plethora of coffee and dining options located around you. And if you’re like many workers, there’s a good probability that nothing wakes you up quite like the taste of a fresh-brewed, grande, specialty coffee from one of the many java joints you have to choose from. But when it comes to your daily spending on food and drink, if you’re like most people, morning coffee is probably just the start. More and more working Americans are forgoing the brown bag in favor of dining out, and snagging a latte at the nearby coffee shop instead of packing a thermos. If this sounds like your workday dining habits, consider what the following infographic has to say: A typical worker regularly buys both their morning coffee and lunch while on the job, but bringing a brown bag lunch and thermos of coffee could save more money than an average tax return. If personal finance is a concern for you or your family—and no matter what, it should be something you think about regularly—then you might want to consider how to save a boatload of money just by taking the time to pack yourself a sandwich.

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Brown Bagging Infographic

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