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Banks, Dave Ramsey Teach Financial Literacy to Ohio Students

High school students in Ohio just might be a little more financially savvy thanks to efforts to teach financial literacy in 40% of the state’s high schools.

A partnership between Fifth Third Bank and personal finance expert Dave Ramsey will provide $441,200 to purchase educational materials for 357 Ohio high schools. The students will have access to DVDs, workbooks and online instruction from Dave Ramsey, reported the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

These efforts will help the schools meet the state’s mandate to integrate personal finance into the curriculum. Ohio Senate Bill 311 requires students graduating in 2014 and after be exposed to foundations of personal finance. However, many school districts’ funds and faculty are already stretched too thin, so partnerships with banks and other financial educational resources are helpful.

Several banks, the Ohio Bankers League, and Junior Achievement are providing funds, and education for similar programs around the state.