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Bad Credit Could Cost You Your Dream Job

Your credit score has a surprising impact on many decisions you’ll make in life, from applying for a loan to renting a new apartment. If you’ve ever suffered from poor credit, as many people have at one time or another, you’re probably all to aware of the impact it can have as you attempt to make financial strides. But now, poor credit goes beyond keeping you from getting a loan, it can keep you from getting a job. As would-be employers gain access to candidates’ credit scores, these numbers are used with alarming frequency as a meter for determining your personal qualifications as a candidate. In fact, this practice has become so common among employers, that more and more states are beginning to ban this practice, as many feel it to be an unfair part of the hiring process. The following infographic takes a look at the way that potential employers use credit scores in hiring, as well as how this has impacted job candidates. Nationwide, credit scores have declined, unemployment has grown and job availability has stagnated. In light of these factors, the question arises: Are credit checks a fair part of the hiring process?

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