The Best in Free Academic Journals

Academic journals collect cutting edge news and research from around the world..for a price. But in these days of open access and Creative Commons, students and professionals alike have little patience for subscription-based journals and their hefty article fees. Fortunately, many players in the academic journal world are listening. Here are examples of free articles, journals, and quality e-zines that you can find online no matter what academic topic you are following.

Journal of Agricultural Science: This Canadian journal has a free online version that you can download and examine. It is a traditional Agri-journal with info on agronomy, economics, animal science, irrigation, and bioengineering. This e-zine is divided into news, market information, and weather channels. The Crop, Technology, and Livestock News sections have the most useful journal posts.

Anthropology This simple online journal offers a blog-like resource of scientific studies on a broad number of topics, updated regularly.
Royal Anthropological Institute: While it does not throw all of its publications online, if you contact the RAI and ask for access to its materials for research purposes, you should find more information. There is also a number of basic library searches and sources to use.

Cell: Cell is a modern biology journal designed to provide students with an online resource for all current biology news or research. Interviews and more are included. While some content requires payment, most archive information is free and a number of links are included to professional articles around the Web.
BMC Biology: This journal offers a number of high-quality articles as open access reports, from technical studies to general interest pieces and reviews.

Business and Marketing
The Business Journals: This site is a collective of business news from a multitude of different journals and magazines, combined and delivered to save you time. Explore by city or topic.
HBR: The Harvard Business Review is another mixed journal – much of its excellent content is free for perusal, but some is limited by subscription. However, there is so much highly regarded content on the site that it is worth filtering through.

International Journal of Chemistry: The free online download provides you with news on a broad variety of chemical research, from organic and inorganic studies to neurochemistry and nuclear chemistry.
European Journal of Chemistry: This is an open access journal that collects a variety of technical studies and research on chemical matters, especially those related to biological pursuits.

Journal of Engineering and Technology: This strictly open access journal provides information on many different engineering topics, mostly focused on mechanical engineering but with chemical and geological topics as well.
1888 Press Release: Engineering: These press releases deal with business news, research, and reports, but they give a valuable look at what corporations are investing in and what practical engineering industries are doing.

English Language and Literature
International Journal of English and Literature: This open access journal provides news, discussion, and free articles on a variety of research topics, especially when it comes to English used around the world.
New York Public Library: Online Literary Magazines: This is a resource for all those small college zines focused on literature topics. Most tend to be free and relatively easy to use, so go browsing!

Environmental Studies
Open Environmental Sciences: This open access journal investigates topics covering many planning and scientific research topics.
American Journal of Environmental Sciences: Move through these articles to find specific studies on water, air, and earth quality around the world.

UCLA Historical Journal: This journal focuses on graduate publications, although the historical fields it covers are numerous.
The Journal of American History: Look at the reviews, textbooks, and recent online issues for free content in this journal. Submit if they have a current call for specific articles!

Information Technology
Journal of Information Technology: Peruse the site’s free articles section to find information on emerging markets, company implementation, and the latest technology.
ComputerWorld: A mixture of news, blogs, and research, ComputerWorld is a modern journal for both professional and everyday readers.

Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Move through these categories to examine a broad number of projects and informational sites. Many also include links to courses and U.S. programs for earning a degree in the field.
Digital Music News: Since music has gone digital, it makes sense that news and research is digital as well. This blog-style site includes business, research, trends, and pop music news all at once.

Essays in Philosophy: Download PDFs covering a broad number of modern philosophy topics, many connected with arts and entertainment.
The Journal of Philosophy: This page provides very recent journal publications free of charge – check out the Roman numerals to the left to dig into their latest online volumes and free access articles.

PhysNet: This collection of free access journals may take some time to dig through, but can also provide excellent results. Try avoiding the international journals in favor for more direct journals such as Optics Express and The General Science Journal.
Physics World: This e-zine collects all the latest physics news under one roof. Examine specific topics or absorb the latest news in a number of fields.

Social Psychology Network: This resource provides many articles on practical uses of psychology around the world, and can be especially inspirational when it comes to research ideas or current news reports.
All About Psychology: This collection of articles is arranged by topic and is ideal for general research and more. Explore the psychology articles, then move to other categories such as related topics and real world psychology.

American Theological Inquiry: This site collects free downloads for the journal, including the most recent publications. You must download each issue as a single PDF.
Theologica: This site is difficult to categorize – on purpose. It combines news, theology, biblical studies, and forums into one broad information resource for current theology activities.

Visual and Performing Arts
Arts America: Prepare for some careful reading to find a specific topic on this wide-scope site. Blogs, reviews, news and more are up for grabs, so try narrowing your search down by city or genre.
Arts Journal: This site focuses on current news stories and daring projects in the art world. Tabs divide music, media, people, dance, and more.