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52 Blog Posts About Ways to Damage Your Credit Rating

It is very easy to totally destroy your credit with just a couple bad decisions, and when you have bad credit it takes a lot longer to repair it than it did to wreck it. Here are some blog posts discussing different ways that will destroy your credit, hopefully these posts and blogs will help you keep your credit nice and clean so when you want to make large purchases like a home you will be able to without a hitch.

  1. Finance Blog – This blog does a great job explaining which negative actions will speak volumes in damaging your credit and for how long.
  2. Successful Financial Strategy – This blog explains how closing old and unused accounts can damage your credit rating.
  3. Credit Repair Program – This blog talks about which actions are the best to avoid when trying to keep your credit score high.
  4. Article Writer Directory – This blog article contends with the major problems a person has that damage their credit rating.
  5. My Money Blog – A blog about how credit cards can hurt your credit rating and what FICO scores mean.
  6. Credit Cards Blog – This blog from a well known company offers information about credit card late payments.
  7. VisaSolution – This blog contains information about credit card responsibility and how they can damage your credit.
  8. LendersIndex – A how-to blog regarding damaging credit items and how to repair your credit.
  9. Business Tip – This blog explains how falling behind on bills damages your credit, what actions creditors will take and how you can fix it.
  10. CreditCRM – This is a blog about collection accounts, how they damage your credit and myths about collections.
  11. PRLog – A blog about debt consolidation and damaging your credit with missed payments.
  12. Independent Fundamental Baptist – This blog gives some examples of what actions can damage your credit.
  13. Complex Search – This blog is a good resource for what to do about identity theft and how it can damage your credit.
  14. My Free Credit Score Now – This blog explains how the new credit card act passed by Congress can potentially damage your credit.
  15. Free Credit Score – This is an interesting blog about how cell phone companies can damage your credit.
  16. Apartment Ratings – This blog gives insight about how terminating your lease early can damage your credit.
  17. John Calderon’s Blog – A blog that talks about the myths associated with your credit score and what will and will not damage your credit.
  18. Money Morning – Answers to common questions and explanations of why damage on your credit score doesn’t immediately go away.
  19. Studenomics – A blog for students about buying their first car, lack of credit history and how to avoid credit damage.
  20. Miami Foreclosure Lawyer Blog – This blog is about foreclosure, short sale, and how it affects pr damages your FICO score.
  21. Consumerism Commentary – This blog is about the components of the FICO score and what can damage it.
  22. Credit Cards Portal – This blog has information about how to raise your credit score and what not to do that may have been good advice before but may damage your credit now.
  23. Hot Make – A blog about repairing credit and what items may damage your credit.
  24. Smart Debt Solutions – This blog has a lot of information about bad credit debt and how it is caused.
  25. Dough Roller – This is a blog about how 5 financial blunders can damage your credit.
  26. Credit Karma – A blog with straight talk about debt, credit damage, and what to do.
  27. New Bad Credit Loan – This blog explains what can cause damage of a credit report and what the next step should be.
  28. Business Financial News – This blog explains how people get into credit card debt, what damage it can do and what to do about it.
  29. Pursue the Education – A blog about identity theft and how it can damage your credit.
  30. Credit Visa – A blog about how overextended credit is harmful, how it happens and what to do to improve your credit score.
  31. ThinkGlink – An explanation of what hurts your credit and what helps you stay in those high scores.
  32. Own the Dollar – How online credit card statements can hurt your credit score.
  33. Links of London Inc Blog – This blog explores the options of how to get out of debt and if they can harm your credit score.
  34. Lori Wekerle’s Blog –  A blog about how short sale can save your credit from bankruptcy but still damage your score.
  35. Real Estate Info – How to increase your credit score and avoiding what will damage your credit rating.
  36. Rubenwire’s Blog – A blog about credit card consolidation and what damage can be done you your credit rating.
  37. Ratelines – This blog explains credit, credit ratings and what can damage them.
  38. Credit Matters – This blog talks about consolidation loans and how it can hurt your credit rating.
  39. 0% Credit Card Guide – A blog about debt consolidation and its limited damage to your credit score overall.
  40. Platinum Credit – This is a blog that describes what a bad credit secured loan is and how it can damage your credit.
  41. Web Wayne – A blog about identity theft, what it is, how to avoid it and what it can do to your credit rating.
  42. Top Finance Blog – This blog is about what happens when you default on a cash advance loan and how your credit rating is affected.
  43. Web Magazine Today – This blog has information about ways old credit card accounts can damage your credit rating.
  44. Credit Card Advice – What guaranteed approval credit cards are and how they can damage your credit.
  45. KiksMedia – Common pitfalls that cause a bad credit rating.
  46. Fresh Xpress – Top 5 ways to improve your credit rating and common problems with credit damage.
  47. Find Secured Cards – A blog about how credit card applications can have an effect on your credit score.
  48. LoanSafe – This blog is about how credit card companies handle debt and the damage your debt will do to your credit rating.
  49. Legal Debt Help Online – This blog is about debt relief options and if they will negatively impact your credit if used.
  50. Internet-9 – This blog is about the tricks that credit card companies use to damage your credit and keep you in debt.
  51. The Budget Spot – How to tell if someone has stolen your identity, spot damage on your credit report and what to do to fix it.
  52. Billscotts – This blog is about the damage a cash advance loan can do to your credit rating.

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