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5 best Android apps for managing your money

Pageonce – Money & Bills

Pageonce is, in our opinion, the best android app for managing your finances. It’s a fully featured, powerful, and elegant all-in-one personal finance tool. Not only does it have the ability to integrate with just about any of your online bank accounts, but also your online bills, credit cards, and investment portfolios, and more. At a touch of a button you can sync all of your personal accounts and have instant access to the entirety of information you need to manage your money.

The tool is elegantly designed and simple to set up, even if a bit time consuming if you’re like me and have at about 20 online accounts (all bills, investments, accounts, etc. included). With the paid version ($0.99/month), you can even add manual accounts for vendors that don’t have an online system (rent, etc.). Once your accounts are set up, there’s not much else that you need to do with this app. However, if there’s a flaw to this tool it’s that 20 accounts will cause it to sync a bit slower than usual and not without the regular hiccup accessing certain accounts… Our other complaint with this tool (admittedly a minor one) is that it lacks features that give you creative ways to manage your money, like the “budgets” feature many of the other apps on our list have.

While we can’t say enough good things about the Pageonce app, we know that it’s not for everyone. Having access to all your financial information in one (easy to lose) place might make some people a bit weary to say the least. And even though Pageonce makes security a high priority, that may not be enough to quell those fears.

The Good:

  • Syncs with just about anything financial online
  • Well thought out, easy to use UI

The Bad:

  • Concerns about security
  • Missing creative money management features other tools have
  • A bit slow/unreliable when syncing multiple accounts
  • Ads, promotional offers, and limits on free version

If you’re not familiar with and their powerful online tools for personal finance management, you absolutely need to take a quick tour. Their app (much like Pageonce) allows you to access most (but not all) of your information including the ability to sync with a variety of bank and investment accounts. This app also includes access to a helpful budgeting tool for creative money management.

Our biggest issue with the app is it’s lack of full functionality. For example, it has access to your budgets and alerts, but does not allow you to create or edit them through the app. Also, the bill management feature is completely missing leaving out a key portion of your money management. Still, the ability to manually add transactions which will be later confirmed when cleared & synced means you can use this app to manage the true balance to your personal finances one simple tool.

The Good:

  • Syncs with most online bank, credit card & investment accounts
  • Ability to add & account for transactions before they clear your accounts
  • ← enough said

The Bad:

  • Lacks full functionality
  • Missing bill pay/recurring payment functionality
  • UI could use some minor tweaking
  • Security concerns

Expense Manager

Expense Manager is a free app for those who want a way to manage their finances without directly syncing to online accounts. This tool is simple, yet feature rich, and can be used for a variety of financial management applications. In fact, its only limitation is the information (or lack thereof) that you must input into the app manually.

When you first open the app, you’ll notice a simple, stripped down design focused around three items: accounts, income, and expenses. Once you’ve set up your accounts (with initial balances), you can then manage all income and expenses through these accounts manually. You can use the app as an electronic check book and manage one or all your bank accounts to later compare transactions and balances through your monthly statements. Or you can simply use this tool to manage and budget for specific projects. That’s the beauty of this app.

Our biggest complaints are with the UI which seems a bit unintuitive and somewhat difficult to get used to. Also, we missed a couple of missing features including the option for a one time or unlimited budget and the ability to override an account balance (should you have an error or miss a transaction). Although these are two features you won’t miss much as a yearly budget is usually more than sufficient and a single transaction (of the difference) to correct your account balances is all that’s needed.

The good:

  • Simple yet feature rich for great flexibility
  • Detailed reports
  • Intuitive and useful categories/subcategories

The Bad:

  • UI needs help
  • “Budget” lacks unlimited/one time option
  • No way to override account balance (must use income/expense transaction)

MoneyWise (Free)

This free trial app is a limited version of a more fully featured paid tool. The biggest difference between the two being the limit of 2 accounts (paid version is unlimited) and the ability to manage balance transfers. Regardless, if you’re looking for a simple way to manage your money in a nicely designed package, the free app could be all you need.

Designed in a eye pleasing package, this app has a wide range of custom-ability so that it can be used in a variety of money management applications, thought the free version isn’t a great all purpose PF tool. Much like Expense Manager, you need to input all transactions manually, which is why this tool opens to the “register” tab for you to do just that (since you’ll do more of that than anything else). This does, however mean that the account “overview” page is deeper within the app. Managing categories of expenses (and income) is the meat and potatoes of this app, and while the defaults are a bit lacking, customizing them is simple enough. Detailed reports are eye pleasing as well as informative particularly for those who diligently manage the categories.

I do feel there are a couple of UI flaws that need addressing as some buttons are too small and certain options difficult to find. Once you get used to this app, however, it can be a great way to discover and manage where your money is made and (perhaps more importantly) spent.

The Good:

  • Simple to add manual transactions
  • Eye pleasing and helpful reports/graphs
  • Perfect for simple uses people with less than 2 bank accounts

The Bad:

  • Free version limitations (2 accounts, no b2b transfers, ads)
  • UI hides some important options, needs tweaking
  • Categories need customization out of the box

Droid Wallet

While this is the most basic of the money management tools we’ve listed, for those looking for something simple to manage their income vs. spending, it might be perfect. Droid Wallet does not sync with any of your online accounts. In fact, the app doesn’t even have an OPTION for accounts. You simply input your account balance(s) as income, then input additional income and spending as they happen.

Like MoneyWise, this app is all about managing the categories of your spending and income. One of the nicest parts of this application is the ability to manage categories and color codes of graphs. The budgets feature relies heavily on the categories as well, so having a separate category for each ‘budget’ may sometimes be necessary to prevent overlap (e.g. keeping monthly budget for house renovation separate from mortgage payments).

If you simply want to manage your spending vs. your income while keeping your accounts out of it, this is your app. If you’re looking for more, look elsewhere.

The Good:

  • Perfect for simple money management: incoming vs. outgoing
  • Nice customizations
  • UI

The Bad:

  • No ‘accounts’ designation
  • Limited functionality (not an all in one tool)
  • Design is less than aesthetic