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49 Blogs on What You Should Know About Repossession and Your Credit

A car or other motor vehicle is a necessity for most households, but in times of financial trouble many people find they struggle to keep up with their car loan payments or lease agreement payments. Defaulting, however, can have a detrimental effect on a family or individual’s finances. In some cases repossession happens and is very damaging to their credit rating. What are the options for those struggling to make car payments and what will happen if they default?

  1. What Happens in a Repossession? An explanation of the repossession process. Helping consumers understand repossession.
  2. What Affect Does Repossession Have on Credit? A look at how credit ratings can be affected by repossessions following defaults.
  3. Removing Repossessions From a Credit File How to reduce the damage caused to credit rating by repossession. Advice from lawyers and credit experts.
  4. Repossession and Rights What are the consumer’s rights in the event of a threatened repossession? What are the lender’s rights?
  5. How will Repossession Affect Credit An overview of the impact of repossession on credit files.
  6. How Will Voluntary Repossession Affect a Credit File? A look at the option of handing vehicles back in lieu of payment. Is giving up the car a good option?
  7. The Impact of Auto Repossession on Consumer Credit Score An overview of how credit files are affected in the event of an automobile repossession and the impact on the consumer.
  8. Is it Possible to Get a Car Loan with Repossession on File? A look at the bad credit car loans market. What are the best options for consumers with poor credit ratings?
  9. Should Car Keepers Opt for Voluntary Repossession if They Can’t Keep up Payments? Looking at the pros and cons of voluntary repossession and the possible pitfalls for consumers
  10. The Legalities of Repossession? One story illustrating the complex legal issues surrounding repossession. Shows that consumers have comeback.
  11. The Affect of Car Repossessions on Credit Reports How do auto repossessions change the consumer’s chances of securing credit? A look at the implications.
  12. Do Credit Scores go Down After Auto Repossession? Consumer questions about the affect of car repos on their credit files answered. Details of what repossession will do the credit scores.
  13. What Happens When a Car is Repossessed? A look at the repossession process and how to repair the damage to a credit file caused by the repossession of a hire purchase vehicle.
  14. What is the Impact of Repossession on Credit Score and Other Questions Some answers about repossessions and the repercussions of not making payments on the consumer. With advice for those in financial difficulty.
  15. Removing Repossession From Credit Records Questions and answers from consumers and experts looking at how to escape the negative impact of repossession.
  16. Is Remortgaging a Good Way to Avoid Repossession? Can further borrowing prevent the negative effect on a consumer credit file? Or will this step simply cause further problems?
  17. Reducing Repo Debt to Help Repair Credit Advice from financial experts. A guide for consumers whose credit is affected by repossession.
  18. How Does Car Repo Affect Credit? An overview of the effects of repossession along with some advice and tips to avoid further damage to credit ratings.
  19. Repossession Will Damage Credit Steps to take to avoid having a car repossessed and subsequent damage to consumer credit score. With links to legal resources.
  20. The Aftermath of Auto Repossession A look at what can happen when a car is reclaimed by creditors. With advice on consumer rights.
  21. Voluntary or Involuntary Repossession An insight into how these actions work and the effect they can have on a credit file.
  22. Stop Repossession to Avoid Credit Damage Ways to prevent adverse notes on a credit report resulting from vehicle repossession. Three options for consumers finding it hard to make payments.
  23. Repossession Law The legalities of  automobile repossession. Looking at car seizure and consumer rights.
  24. Challenging Unlawful Repos Lawyers discuss illegal car seizures and emphasize the importance of protecting consumer credit ratings. With links to class actions of this type.
  25. Repossession is a Deadly Credit Sin A look at the worst possible marks against a credit file including voluntary and involuntary repossession.
  26. Deleting a Repossession A guide to removing the stain of an auto rep from a credit file. Step by step guide for consumers.
  27. Getting a Car After Repo in Canada An explanation of how to secure a new vehicle with a repossession on a credit file. Advice for Canadian consumers.
  28. Car Repo and Other Credit A consumer asks how a repossession on his credit file will impact on his ability to secure credit cards in future. With answers and resource links.
  29. What Will Happen When A Car Loan is Defaulted? A look at repossession and the effect on a consumer’s credit rating.
  30. Car Repossession, What Happens? A look at the process of vehicle repossession and ways to avoid permanent credit damage after a default. Advice from debt management company.
  31. Car Payment Defaults and Credit Scores What are the affects of missing car payments on credit? How will repossession affect credit scoring?
  32. What Can be Done to Avoid Missing Car Payments? A look at ways to avoid repossession. Helping consumers protect their credit score.
  33. Will Lease Company Repossess After Default? Can car companies legally take a car and damage consumer credit? A look at the repo laws.
  34. Options When Threatened with Repossession What can the consumer do to avoid defaults and the damage of a repo on their credit file.
  35. A Guide to Car Payment Defaults and the Consequences Comprehensive overview of the repossession process, its causes and effects. Advice for consumers.
  36. A Warning to Defaulters What can happen when car loans and leases are defaulted. A look at the possibility of repossession and the damage it can do.
  37. Is There an Alternative to Default and Repossession? Consumers advised to check the details of their lease to avoid damage to their credit scores.
  38. Is Lease Trading the Best Way to Avoid Repossession? Trading a lease can avoid defaults and the subsequent damage to credit reference files for consumers.
  39. Car Repossession Laws A look at legalities with legal and financial experts. Includes tips for consumers to limit the damage of defaulting.
  40. Avoiding the Repo Man the Legal Way Advice from legal experts on the ins and outs of repossession laws. Helping consumers keep their cars.
  41. Repossession and Rights A lawyer’s view of the legal issues affecting those at risk of repossession and credit damage. Advice for consumers on how to approach the problem.
  42. The Law Pertaining to Repossession What are defaulter’s rights? What are the leaser’s rights? How can damage to credit be avoided?
  43. Car Payment Considerations What should be taken into account before deciding to default and damaging a credit score.
  44. Are Creditors Auto Repo Actions Legal? California Lawyers look at the debtors rights under the lemon law.
  45. Stop Car Repo How to halt the process before damage is done to credit. Advice from an attorney.
  46. Can Bankruptcy Stop Repossession? Explanation of how filing for bankruptcy may save car leasers from the repo man. Advice from legal experts.
  47. Keeping a Car when Threatened with Repossession Loopholes that allow easers to avoid repossession in the event of financial difficulties.
  48. What to do if Faced with Vehicle Repossession Advice from expert attorneys on how to limit the damage of a default to future credit.
  49. Debt Relief Options for Those in Default Legal ways to avoid falling foul of the repo man and stop damage to credit files. Advice from lawyers.

Image credits: Salim Virji