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44 Posts about What is Worse, High Balance or No Balance

Credit cards are a key element of building credit – but bad decisions can damage a person’s credit to great extent. While some people claim zero balances are no good for credit scores, others warn against high balance behavior if consumers want to their keep credit clean.

So which is best – a high balance or no balance? Experts explain the intricacies of the credit card game and how to play for the best credit rating results.

Should Consumers Keep a Balance on their Credit Cards? A look at whether it is better to pay off cards in one hit, or retain a balance and make payments. How options impact credit scores.
Cutting up Credit Cards Can Help Finances One step beyond no balance – how to survive after cutting up cards. Also examines the knock on effect on finances of quitting the credit card habit.
Don’t Fall Into the Balance Transfer Trap Why juggling balances between cards can have an adverse effect on credit scores. Clearing a balance from one card to another will not necessarily benefit the consumer.
How Will Clearing Credit Cards Affect Credit? Answers from the experts on the impact of a zero balance. Should consumer keep on with their credit card spending?
What Happens When Credit Card Balance Goes Too High? The problems of not paying credit card debt. How credit card debt can snowball and damage credit scores.
The Sensible Way to Keep Credit Cards Tips on how to use credit cards carefully so as not to damage credit scores. A look at the best approached to card balances.
Be Careful When Transferring Balances Clearing cards by balance transfer can damage credit consumers are warned. How to take advantage of transfer offers without any fallout.
High Card Balances Bad for Credit in the Long Term Why retaining a high balance and paying only interest could damage credit ratings and push consumers into the debt trap.
How Credit Card Balances Affect Credit A look at the impact of credit card balance on credit scoring as well as an explanation of other factors that affect this area. Advice for consumers on credit scoring.
Dangerously High Balance? Advice on reducing credit card debt. A look at a way out of the high balance trap. Advice on sensible credit card use.
Managing Credit Card Balances for Best Credit Score How consumers can work their card balances to their best advantage.
Best Ways to Keep Credit Card Balances in Control Striking a balance with credit card management to ensure best results for consumers. Credit card management tips for consumers.
Going from High Balance to Zero Balance The sensible way to clear credit card debt. How to address a high balance without damaging credit scores.
Managing Multiple High Balance Credit Cards Minimizing the damage of high balance credit cards. Advice on reducing credit card debt.
Keeping Credit Card Balances in Check A look at the best way to manage credit card spending. Addresses the issue of ongoing balances and the effects of these.
Tips for Sensible Credit Card Balance Management Keeping credit card debt under control. A how to guide to help consumers manage their credit.
Keeping Control of Credit Balances How to ensure credit card debts don’t do consumers credit damage. A guide to sensible credit card money management.
Managing Credit Card Balance to Build a Credit Score How to treat credit card debts for consumers who want to improve their credit. Examines the issue of credit card balance management.
Build and Pay a Sizeable Monthly Balance to Improve Credit Scores How consumers can make credit card debt work for them – using credit cards to rebuild credit.
Best Balance Management Strategies for Credit Building A look at how a well managed credit card balance can affect credit scorings. Savvy card use can benefit the consumer.
Maintain a Low Balance for Best Credit Advice on money management with credit  cards, including the best approach to balance levels for good credit.
Credit Card Management Tips Advice on all areas of credit card management including maintaining a healthy balance for credit scoring.
Play the Transfer Game to Achieve Zero Balance Using low interest offers to clear credit cards without damaging credit scores.
Beyond the Zero Balance Can consumers with without credit cards? A look at alternative payment methods and the impact of card cancellations.
Credit Card Provider Drops Zero Balance Customers Some post credit crunch tales to help consumers manage their credit card debt. Why it may be important to keep a balance on credit cards.
Best Balance Budgeting A look at the wisest ways to spend on credit cards. How to manage card use for better credit.
Pay Balance in Full Each Month Credit card management tips. How to use cards to their best advantage.
Closing Zero Balance Accounts Will Not Help Credit Some common credit myths and the truth behind them. Includes info on whether consumers should close zero balance accounts.
Why Consumers Should Aim for the Zero Balance Explanation of how clearing credit card debt can improve finances. Helpful hints on credit card management.
Deal With High Balances Through Balance Transfer? Explanation of the upside and some potential pitfalls of this approach to credit card balances. How to get a zero balance by using transfer services.
Tips For Credit Card Balance Management Making the most of credit card services. Advice on keeping cards current without falling into the debt trap.
Credit Card Sins Examining bad balance management and other common credit card mistakes. How to stay on top of credit card debt without damage to credit scores.
A Beginners Guide To Managing Credit Card Balances How should new cardholders approach the credit card balance question? Tips to start off on the right foot.
Balance Management for Students Starting out in credit cards can come with possible pitfalls. How to avoid the high balance trap and why it is important to pay off credit cards.
What Balance for Cardholders Budget? A look at how much consumers can afford to carry on their cards. With advice on wise use of credit cards.
Pay in Full And Other Good Advice Avoid high credit card balances for financial freedom. Tips on using credit cards.
Best Balance Habits for Good Credit A guide to how to use credit cards for the best possible credit rating. Addresses the importance of balance levels.
Keeping a Zero Balance the Best Approach During Credit Crunch A warning to credit card holders tempted to spend in the current credit climate. Why consumers should aim for zero balance in tough times.
Bad Balance Habits Some credit card behaviors that can lead to negative results for credit scores. Advice from the experts on what to avoid.
Wise Credit Card Habits Keeping the balance in balance – a look at the best way in which to approach credit card spending
When a Balance is a Benefit How credit card spending can help rebuild credit. A look at the effect of balance maintenance on credit scores.
Clearing High Balances Best Advice on why and how to clear high balance credit cards. A look at the impact of carrying high balances and how to avoid it.
Wise Balance Budgeting Hints and tips on best way to use credit cards. How to carry cards without damaging credit.
What to Do When Balance Hits Zero? How should consumers use their cards once debts are paid? What is the best choice for credit scoring?

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