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40 Stories on The Effect of the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 on Credit Cards and Consumers

We are a long way from interest rates being fair to the American consumer. But it does seem that our government is hard at work and on the case. The average consumer will tell you the proper laws need to go into effect immediately and our leaders tell us they are as we speak. These so called watchdog agencies that the government has put into effect are claimed to be the strongest protection credit card holders have ever had with credit card agencies. We are to be assured the turnaround with this debt problem should start to show a positive effect within the first half of next year, which could help bring relief to millions of people across the country.

  1. Wall Street reform bill taking shape for consumers Our Government goes to bat for the protection of the American consumer’s rights against credit card agencies
  2. Restoring Ameriancan Finacial stability Act of 2010 Credit Unions that offer their clients credit cards may allow merchants to interfere with the terms of the card.
  3. Auto Dealers Stalled Families first Auto Dealers demand to be excluded from being held accountable for debt that consumers create.
  4. Approaching the home stretch Both the House and Senate Bills would abolish the Office of Thrift Supervision ,giving the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency supervisory authority over national banks and Federal thrifts.
  5. Merchant Alert: Debit Interchange Regulation continues move forward If the bill is passed, the Federal Reserve Board would gain the authority to establish rules and regulations related to the Interchange fees that issuers could earn with respect to debit card transactions.
  6. Senator Dodd Releases Discussion Draft of Restoring Financial Stability Act of 2009 Senator Dodd’s bill would establish a Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) that would consolidate most of the consumer protection responsibilities
  7. Fannie And Freddie Must Go As orthodontists with installment plans and retail stores with layaway plans, but left the elephants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to roam free with unlimited taxpayer backing.
  8. Senate Passes Finacial Reform Bill The Senate adopted an amendment to allow the Federal Reserve to set limits on the fees charged to retailers by credit card companies for the processing of credit card transactions.
  9. Call Your Senators Now To Stop the American Financial Stability Act of 2010 Amendment 3060 A preliminary review of the Amendment reveals that the most damaging provisions of the bill – those relating to fee regulation remained intact despite recommended changes
  10. Wall Street Reform: What Does It Mean For Credit Cards? Almost everyone agrees that reform is needed, but many question whether this watered-down version addresses the problems… or just creates new ones.
  11. Choice Privileges credit card review Take a look at which hotels are included in the Choice Privileges card reward program:
  12. Another View: Punting Financial Reform Of far more interest to those attempting to understand the bill’s implications, it is chockablock with “punts” to the regulations that will follow once the bill is enacted into law.
  13. Congress Bypasses ATM Fee Limit… For Now A blog about  paying only .50 cents vs $1.00 on all ATM  transactions will make American  half happier about saving.
  14. An Introduction to Financial Reform and the Protections for the Consumer A blog about healthcare reform and protection of the American Consumer concerning credit card scams.
  15. Merchant Ire Pushes Potential Interchange Restriction via Congress An article about limiting  certain practices of the card networks relative to both merchant card acceptance rules and to merchants’ ability to offer discounts or impose surcharges for various payment options.
  16. SNOWE OFFERS TWO KEY AMENDMENTS TO FINANCIAL REGULATION LEGISLATION Senator Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine) a senior member of the Senate Finance Committeeoffers two key amendments designed to temper onerous bank regulations and protect the privacy rights of consumers, and improve access to credit for American entrepreneurs.
  17. Consumers Want Financial Protection Agency, Obama Administration inches closer A blog about a survey  that was conducted by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS) for AARP from January 14 to January 24, 2010, among a nationally representative sample of 815 respondents at least 50 years old.
  18. House Passes Financial Services Bill; Mandates Racial Favoritism an article touching on the stability of our government and if the bill that are passed are bailouts to cover other federal issues.
  19. S.3217: The Restoring American Financial Stability Act The Restoring American Financial Stability Act, is the hopeful legacy for the outgoing Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Christopher Dodd.
  20. Sneaky Senate Move Is Bad for Car Buyers Auto dealers have been fighting hard for a special exemption.  The question came down to the wire in the Senate, and in fact, Senators voted on it after the bill was passed.
  21. USA Today Cheers Proposed Financial Protection Agency This story even includes a section called “keys to a new agency’s success” with quotes from “experts” at a wide variety of government agencies.
  22. Financial Crises: And the Cycle Continues Discussing topics such ashese new acts would also create yet another oversight/regulatory organization called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to regulate mortgages, credit cards, and other financial consumer products.
  23. President Obama signs broad finacial reform bill into law Will the nation grow as we try to get out of debt and come out of the red?
  24. Creditors’ Rights A blog discussing your rights as a comsumer and how much you are actually proted by these new bills being passed
  25. Interstate lending reform proposal promises to level playing field for local lenders, end interest rate exportation by out-of-state banks Find out why out why out of stae banks can not supersede local rates
  26. The Durbin Amendment S. 3217 is a good thing. What gives merchants the right to include their own fees surpassing bank and lenders rules?
  27. Your Turn: Financial Stability Act A blog about our new watchdog programs  to protect the American consumer.
  28. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Find out about CEO’s being accountable for the  mistakes, a bill with tighter rule than any of its previous.
  29. President Obama Signs Historic Financial Reform into Law Why the financial industry is central to our nation’s ability to grow, to prosper, to compete and to innovate.
  30. Credit unions oppose Act’s Interchange fee amendment An article about  the interchange fee, the fee paid by merchants to credit unions and other financial institutions for processing a debit card transaction. This fee also helps cover fraud, data security, and other costs of running the program
  31. Obama signs financial reform law Obama keeps his promise ans sticks to his guns about taking the back of the American Credit card holder
  32. 10 Ways New Wall Street Reform Law Will Help You Find Out how to access tour credit score , a new consumer hotline and much more
  33. REFORM SWIPE FEES NOW: BANKING LOBBY FIGHTS TO KEEP.. More on interchange fees and the unfairness to the consumer.
  34. American financial reform act of breaking An article on lenders not giving money to those who cannot afford the loan
  35. President Signs Financial Reform Bill An Article about farmers getting the fair shake? With the new bill passed will agriculture suffer?
  36. Elizabeth Warren Expresses Guarded Support For Dodd FinReg Bill UPDATE: Sen. Brown, Too An article that discussing wallstreet bringing the economy to the brink of collapse
  37. Judgment Creditor– Anarticle about a creditor who won a lawsuit against consumer in debt. Justice or in just?
  38. Financial Services Reform Alert A law ensuring comsumer financial protection, the most they have ever had.
  39. Interchange fees: Will cutting them for businesses raise the cost of credit for the rest of us? A blog about  consumers paying credit card costs, while  the threat of unemployment hangs over their head, who will make up the losses?
  40. Vitter’s Not-Everything’s-a-Bank Amendment Drives Progressives Nuts Find out who in our government is really fighting for financial reform.

Image Credits: Rainer Ebert