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25 Excellent Financial Related Twitter Feeds to Follow

Twitter is loaded with all kinds of good information and resources, and if you are into something specific there are probably many great Twitter feeds that you should be following. When it comes to finance, debt, and credit there are many different things you need to keep up to date with because things change so frequently. The Twitter accounts below are always providing great info related to finance and can be a great asset to you so you can keep up with everything. Many of these accounts also offer up some great advice that can help you fix your financial and credit problems, and there are a lot of people that need some ideas on ways that they can do that.

Personal Finance – This is the Twitter feed of the Financial Times and they are always offering up good resources, blog posts, and advice related to finance.
Frugal Dad – This is the Twitter account from and they tweet about different ways to save money and post some great links to help you save money.
The Weakonomist – Another great one to follow, here you will find discussions on the economy, financial related humor, tips and much more.
Daily Finance – Another excellent financial related Twitter feed that helps people deal with tough economic times and also helps them prepare for a secure financial future.
Financial Highway – This is the Twitter account of the blog by the same name, they are all about personal finance and Tweet frequently about all things finance related.
Free From Broke – Another Twitter feed from a blog with the same name, here you can learn about saving, credit cards, credit scores, debt, investing, and all things personal finance.
Man vs. Debt – A Twitter account and blog about a young family who is working on paying off debt, here you can find even more great tips for becoming debt free.
Get Out of Debt Guy – Helping people get out of debt for free. My approach — Life trumps debt. Happiness trumps sorrow. Kindness trumps evil. Good wins. Practice Safe Debt.
Paid Twice – Here you will find lots of great tweets that can help you save money and work yourself out of debt.
LearnVest – A leading website for women and personal finance. Live Richly with our tips, stories, discussions.
Finance News – Up to date news on banks, insurance, property and financial services.
Money Saving Guide – Tips, tricks, and advice to help you save money so you can pay off your debt.
Almost Frugal – Another great account that you should be following for more advice on budgeting, savings, and personal finance.
Budgets Are Sexy – This one is a self explanatory one, a feed loaded with advice on budgeting and finance.
Enemy of Debt – Here is another one that can help you get out of debt and has many tips to help you stay out of debt for the long haul.
Suburban Dollar – This Twitter account provides a layman’s view on personal finance from the position of someone who doesn’t know it all.
Money Saving Expert – Money Saving expert is dedicated to cutting your costs, finding deals, beating the system & fighting your corner.
MSN Smart Spending – Money savings ideas and other tips from MSN Money and other respected financial bloggers.
Debt Relief – Here you will find links to blog posts and some great tips about getting out of debt and budgeting your money correctly.
Sure Debt Relief – Tweets with a lot of excellent links to informative articles about getting out of debt, staying out of debt, and budgeting.
Financial Resources – A Twitter list filled with lots of links to many top notch financial resources.
WiseBread – This is a Twitter account that is very popular, just like the site it represents. They have loads of great info when it comes to all things finance related.
Its Only Money – Here is another great Twitter account that come from a resourceful blog like many of the others listed. Lots of great personal finance information can be found here.
Savings Tips – Here you will find lots of tips on saving money so you can have a better future for you and your family.
Centsible Life – A feed run by a mom and a respected blogger, she tweets about many different things but is focused on personal finance and living frugally.

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