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5 Problems with No-Interest Financing Offers


You’ve likely seen no-interest financing offers in stores or when shopping online. They’re common at places like Best Buy, which advertises these offers on its website. While they aren’t necessarily scams, they can be a bad deal for consumers. Most of these offers are actually financed by opening a new credit card account. Shoppers won’tread more

Top 10 Money Mistakes to Only Make Once


Everyone makes mistakes with money, but sometimes the best lessons come from learning just how badly these errors hurt. In college I found myself in credit card debt and still haven’t forgotten how helpless I felt as I watched interest charges pile up. Since this experience, I’ve vowed to never let that happen again. Don’tread more

Living with Bad Credit and Tips to Make It Easier


Living with bad credit makes life harder. You’ll have more difficulty obtaining loans, and when you do, you’ll find less desirable interest rates. Bad credit can affect your employment and your living situation, too. Despite this, living with bad credit might not be as┬áhard as you think as long as you’re ready. Coping with badread more