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Overflowing Wallet? Switch to a Digital Wallet


If your wallet is bulging, disorganized, or often misplaced, there’s a new solution: digital wallets. Digital wallets are smartphone apps that replace some or all the functions of a regular wallet. They allow you to pay for in-store purchases without cash and make checking out with credit and debit faster and easier. Here’s why youread more

Avoid These 6 Top Scams that Damage Your Credit Score


When you think of scams, stolen cash or unauthorized charges on your credit card might come to mind first. While these losses can have an immediate impact, there’s the potential for credit score damage, too, with even more costly long-term effects. Whether it’s credit scams or other tricks that hurt your score, watch your walletread more

A Consumer Guide to Credit Score Repair

A credit score is a three-digit number that a number of entities use to form a judgment about you. This score reflects your ability to meet your financial obligations on time, and to do so consistently. Your credit score comes into play when you need to finance a large purchase such as a home orread more

Just 3 Credit Scores? Why You Actually Have 49 FICO Scores


Struggling to get your credit score under control? What if I told you that you have 49 different FICO scores to worry about? Okay, so maybe you don’t need to worry about all of them. But it’s important to understand more about all of these scores, especially since your credit score can be reported differentlyread more

9 Student Loan Facts for This Year’s Grads


As another round of college students graduate, they’ll also start repaying their student loans. Federally-backed student loans offer many repayment options, and the choices often mean a difference in thousands of dollars in interest and decades of payments. Here are nine student loan facts to help every college graduate make informed decisions on their pathread more