Monthly Archives: March 2013

Credit Card Minimum Payments: Why You Should Pay More


Credit card debt works differently than debt from installment loans like a home mortgage or auto loan. While monthly payments are standard amounts for installment loans, credit cards typically come with the option to make a minimum payment. The amount of the minimum payment is less than the total balance, which gives credit card usersread more

Still Haven’t Filed? Use These Last-Minute Tax Tips


With taxes due in less than three weeks, you’re officially a tax procrastinator if you haven’t filed yet. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a last-second tax filer that waits until the final hours before theĀ April 15 midnight deadline. No matter what your excuse for waiting to do your taxes, here are aread more

How the New VantageScore 3.0 Will Impact Your Credit


Think you have just one credit score? While it’s true that the popular FICO score is the most talked about, the new VantageScore 3.0 brings some changes to the credit world. The update changes how scores are calculated as well as assigns scores to millions of consumers that currently lack one. VantageScore was created byread more

Traveling with Credit Cards: 8 Mistakes to Avoid


Credit cards are convenient, which is why you might assume they’ll be the same when you travel. But hold up! It’s not always so simple if you’re planning to use credit away from home. Before leaving on your trip, make sure you’re prepared to avoid these common credit card travel mistakes that cost not onlyread more