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The Complete Guide for Easily Filing Your Taxes


Tax season is dreaded by many. Gathering up paperwork, filling out forms, and the fear of owing unpaid taxes is enough for many to put off preparing taxes as long as possible. Filing your taxes isn’t all bad news, especially for those who overpaid the IRS. Last year, the average tax refund was about $3,000,read more

7 Mistakes First-Time Credit Card Users Should Avoid


Using credit cards properly isn’t as easy as it seems, especially for first-time credit card users. With lots of fine pint and complex credit score implications, there’s much more to using credit cards correctly than just making purchases and paying bills. Learning the downsides to credit cards the hard way often provides valuable lessons, butread more

9 Valuable Advantages of Online Banking


Online banking isn’t just for the tech-savvy jumping on the latest trend anymore. It’s actually the most popular way to bank now. According to a 2012 survey by the American Banker’s Association, 39% consumers surveyed preferred online banking compared to 18% that chose visiting branches. Mobile banking also saw in increase in popularity compared toread more