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8 Ways to Find Motivation to Be Debt-Free

When being debt-free seems so far away and even out of reach, staying motivated to pay down debt can be tough. But looking forward to the end is an important part of paying off debt quickly, and there’s more you can do than simply daydreaming of the future. If you’re stumped for how to findread more

How to Hire the Right Debt Relief Agency

Like many things that sound too good to be true, debt relief agencies may be no different. At the least, choosing the wrong debt relief agency can cost you more than other legitimate sources of help. At the worst, these companies may be scams just looking to take your money or even get you tangledread more

9 Tips to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

What’s the best way to eliminate credit card debt? You might say “just pay if off,” but there’s much more you could be doing to get rid of those balances quickly. Here are nine different ways to take care of credit card debt that go beyond just mailing in a check. 1. Stop spending on credit Continuingread more

7 Characteristics of College Grads Desperate to Be Debt-Free

Becoming debt-free soon after college comes down to much more than just paying your loan bills for a decade or more until there’s nothing left. Those that are serious do more than the minimum to pay off debt to save big on interest and finish paying off loans more quickly, allowing them to focus on other money more