Monthly Archives: October 2012

8 Effective But Unpopular Ways to Pay Off Debt

How badly do you want it? That’s what you need to ask when you’re working to escape debt. The more aggressively you attack debt, the faster you’ll be debt-free. If you hate being in debt and you’re desperate to get out, don’t rule out any potential solutions. Here’s a list of money earners and saversread more

Storm Relief Donations, Repairs Are Fodder for Scammers

Over the last few days, the nation has been glued to the news about Hurricane Sandy and “Frankenstorm” on the East Coast. And while your attention is diverted to the latest storm coverage, scam artists are thinking of ways to take your money or steal your identity. In the aftermath of the storm, the buzzardsread more

Follow the Credit Expert: @clubthrifty

Club Thrifty is a financial advice blog with tips on how to pick the best credit cards for rewards and general ways to save money. The site also hosts numerous guest posters. In need of a good finance book? Check out the Books About Money link. The site’s Twitter page links its articles and thoseread more

How to Manage Your Credit, Debt During Unemployment

Financial experts advise consumers to have three to six months of savings to cover emergency expenses, but that expectation is simply unrealistic for millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. So what happens when the paychecks stop coming? Regardless of the reason, be it layoffs, termination, or quitting, losing your job brings significant emotional andread more