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Credit Score Glossary: Joint Account

Joint Account: A credit or loan account held by two or more people. Every account holder on a joint account has a legal responsibility for repayments on the account. Any member of the account can make withdrawals or deposits. Joint accounts are most commonly used by relatives, couples, or business partners. It’s best to enterread more

Follow the Credit Expert: @moneyandrisk

Kim Luu is the founder of the Money and Risk website, which offers advice on ways to save money on food, philosophies on how to manage wealth, and tips for individuals nearing retirement. Luu also tweets out financial advice, tips, and brings awareness to various financial topics on her Twitter page. Follow Luu on Twitterread more

What Debt Collectors Legally Can and Can’t Do

Whether they’ve experienced it or not, everyone knows debt collectors are notorious for their merciless pursuit track down debtors and make them pay. Despite what you may believe about debt collectors having free-reign to track down money owed, they’re actually restricted legally by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) in many ways for tactics thatread more

Fake ‘Platinum Credit Card’ Companies Pay $7.5 Million Settlement

Three individuals allegedly involved in selling fake “platinum” credit cards and illegally debiting consumer’s bank accounts have agreed to pay more than $7.5 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges. As part of the settlement the Philadelphia-based trio will be permanently banned from telemarketing or selling any credit products or services. According to a writtenread more

Credit Score Glossary: Asset

Asset: Any item a person or company owns that has financial value. Some examples of assets are real estate, car, accounts receivable and inventory, as well as anything that can be converted into cash. Cash itself can also be considered an asset.