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Good Money – Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

After children, pets are the next biggest burden on your bank account. The worst part? You can’t claim them as dependents. Fortunately, we’ve done the research and came up with a few pragmatic tips for keeping your pet bill manageable. Our advice ranges from the obvious (avoid purebred pets they’ll require you to take outread more

Save the World with $20: Microlending

Most of us don’t think of our savings accounts or monthly loan payments as a luxury. But for over half the world’s population who cannot access formal banks, that’s exactly what these financial services are. In the 1980s, economist Muhummad Yunus found out just how catastrophic going “unbanked” really is. Yunus’ research revealed that allread more

FTC Offers Tips on How to Avoid Credit Card Scams

Credit card offers are a dime a dozen. Just open your mailbox, e-mail or answer the phone and you will find new solicitations from credit card companies. Responsible consumers interested in getting a new card understand they should research the terms of each offer to find the best one, but unfortunately, many consumers take theread more

6 Huge Advantages of Being Debt-Free

We all hate debt, so why listen to the hype that there’s somehow “good debt” that we can benefit from? The truth is that most of us are better off debt-free, and most forms of debt that Americans carry is never helpful. Think about it: credit card and auto loan debt? Very expensive interest costsread more

Household Debt Sees Largest Increase Since 2008

In the second quarter U.S. household debt saw its largest increase since early 2008. The increases in debt could help jumpstart consumer spending and provide a boost to the sluggish economy. New data from the Federal Reserve shows that, in the second quarter, household grew by $39.4 billion to $13 trillion. The increase brings householdread more