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Credit Score Glossary: Wage Assignment

Wage Assignment: A process that allows a creditor to take money directly from a debtor’s compensation. The borrower agrees to allow collection of a portion of his or her paycheck. Wage assignments are typically used for child support payments, court fines, when an employee wants to repay a loan from his or her employer, andread more

Equifax Reports Gradual Decrease in National Credit Card Debt

Americans just might have learned a positive lesson from the recession. The latest data released from credit reporting agency Equifax indicates that Americans in most major metropolitan areas are carrying less credit card debt than this time last year, and significantly less since the financial crisis in 2008. As of August 2012, Americans owed $585.3read more

Rent-To-Own Computers Cyber Spy on Consumers

Consumers have been well-informed about the dangers of identity theft from online and telemarketing scammers, but the Federal Trade Commission uncovered a new predator that consumers were willingly bringing into their own homes. Rent-to-own appliances, furniture, and electronics have long been a questionable form of consumer credit, with consumers often paying far more in rentalread more

Follow the Credit Expert: @Sustainlifeblog

There’s not much we know about Jeff. In fact, we don’t even get a last name, but that doesn’t matter in the scheme of things. Jeff is the founder of Sustainable Life Blog and posts his experiences and knowledge of using sustainable objects including electrical equipment. Learn how to save money and help the environmentread more

Poll: Democrats Show Greatest Economic Optimism

It is often said that Americans vote with their wallets, and the economy remains one of the most critical issues in the quickly approaching presidential election. A recent Gallup poll assessed the economic confidence of the American voting public. Dividing economic confidence along party lines, Democrats are the most optimistic in the polls in theread more