Monthly Archives: September 2012

Phoenix Mayor Eats Off Food Stamp Budget for a Week

This presidential election has resurfaced the public sentiment that politicians are out of touch with the struggles of average Americans a budget and those living in poverty. Instead of simply expressing sympathy for those with limited income, one politician recently put his mouth where his money is. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton participated in the Nationalread more

Budgeting for the Holidays? Why Not Work a Seasonal Job

If you haven’t already seen holiday decorations decking the halls of your favorite stores, it’s only a matter of time. Some consumers will start getting visions of sugar plums, while others will begin to dread the shopping list and eventual holiday credit card bills. Those decorations also signal that retailers are likely looking for seasonalread more

Follow the Credit Expert: @RookieKE

Rookie Manager is a site run by Kellie, an entrepreneur and CPA, who doles out information about how to save money, be more efficient with your time, and be a better businessperson. The site also offers information on stocks, personal finance, and gives book reviews. The Twitter account for Rookie Manager offers financial tips andread more

How to Decide Which Student Loans to Accept

The extreme expense of a college education isn’t breaking news, yet graduates still come out shocked once loan payments come due. With average student loan debt hovering around $23,000 upon graduation, paying back what was borrowed becomes a significant monthly expense, and grads aren’t always prepared to start chipping away at what they owe. Fixingread more