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Credit Score Glossary: Back Taxes

Back Taxes: Taxes that were not paid when they were due. Taxpayers can accumulate back taxes at federal and local levels. Interest and penalties can accumulate on back taxes. Unpaid back taxes can have a negative effect on a person’s credit score, and it can be quite stressful for a person to owe the Internalread more

Banks, Dave Ramsey Teach Financial Literacy to Ohio Students

High school students in Ohio just might be a little more financially savvy thanks to efforts to teach financial literacy in 40% of the state’s high schools. A partnership between Fifth Third Bank and personal finance expert Dave Ramsey will provide $441,200 to purchase educational materials for 357 Ohio high schools. The students will haveread more

Follow the Credit Expert: @MoneyNing

David Ning is a financial blogger for the website Money Ning. He offers advice on retirement, managing money, and how to live within your means. Ning also takes the time to answer questions from readers on his blog. He consistently tweets financial links and information through his Twitter accounts. Follow Ning on Twitter @MoneyNing.

Credit Score Glossary: Absentee Owner

Absentee Owner: An individual or corporation who owns a piece of real estate or property, but does not live in it. The real estate or property can range from a single apartment owned by an individual person to an entire apartment building owned by a corporation. Absentee owners derive income from these pieces of property.