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Younger Generations Learning Retirement Savings Lessons Early

When it comes to saving for retirement, many Americans have adopted an “abandon all hope” fatalistic perspective. With so many struggling to find jobs and just pay their bills, retirement is not always a top priority. And then there is always the argument that Social Security won’t be around for younger generations. But despite theread more

Follow the Credit Expert: @jimcramer

Jim Cramer is famously known as CNBC’s Mad Money host, who offers financial advice, stock predictions, and everything money-related in an extremely exaggerated manner. He is also the founder of the charitable trust portfolio Action Alerts Plus and also writes for The Street’s Real Money section. Cramer is also the author of seven books: Confessionsread more

List Rates Most Overrated, Underrated Jobs on the Market

So, you picked a major and have your head and heart set on a career path with prestige and a respectable salary. You think you want to save lives, get behind the cockpit and fly the friendly skies, or plan the next event of the year. Not all dream jobs are what they’re cracked upread more

Credit Cards You Must Avoid at All Costs

If you don’t always take the time to read the fine print, these terrible credit card offers prove you should. Saying that not all credit cards are created equal is an understatement. Some cards on this list are flat-out awful. What’s wrong with them? Outrageous fees, excessive interest rates, and lackluster rewards are all “features” thatread more