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Pros and Cons of Student Loan Repayment Options

You’re struggling with repaying your student loans. Making the payments is putting a real strain on your budget, and you’re forever battling to keep track of statements coming from multiple loan servicers. But this is the only way, right? Actually, there are several options that could make paying back your loans easier if you findread more

Follow the Credit Expert: @moneycrush

MoneyCrush is a blog site founded by Jackie Beck who shares her opinions and financial findings in her posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Beck, who struggled for four years through unemployment and very little income, discovered ways to fight off debt and save money for the future. She is also the creator of theread more

Closing Credit Accounts and Your Credit Score

TransUnion, one of the three credit bureaus which make up a person’s credit score, provides these tips to consumers about how to appropriately close credit card accounts: The right way: Before closing any accounts, consumers should first evaluate how many accounts they have, what they cost, how they are used, and how they may affectread more

Credit Score Glossary: Dispute (Credit Card)

Dispute: To claim a charge is incorrect or fraudulent. Consumers can dispute charges they feel are unauthorized (ex. charges made on a lost or stolen credit card) or erroneous (ex. duplicate charges for the same transaction on a credit card statement), or if they question the quality of the goods or services purchased. However, it’sread more